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SSE Setup Testimonials

The following are just a sampling of real, unsolicited testimonials that have been received in reference to SSE Setup.

  • "Your SSE Setup program is wonderful! This by far was the easiest setup builder I have ever used! Thanks for all your hard work!" - Paul Sands, Sprint
  • "I paid $650 for the most recent version of that other installer to deploy my Access database, and yours is hands-down better in my opinion. SSE Setup is faster, smarter, smaller and has a lot more features. I really appreciate your support and the quality and value of your program." - Bruce Lowry, Programs Plus
  • "Your program is very complete and very easy, compared with others. Before, I was using InnoSetup, but now I am changing all the projects to your system." - Antonio Araújo, Progmatic Studio

  • "I have been testing the use of SSE Setup. As you claim - it is extremely easy to use." - Brett Chouinard
  • "I want to say that this product is amazing! It's been such a great help to me in designing a nice looking program without having to use the MSI format...Once I decided to find a setup program, I scoured the internet looking all over the place and eventually happened upon a link to your site...Ever since then, I've enjoyed the amazing quality that your software offers...You'd think that there would be more programs like this! But no...[other programs] failed my hopes/expectations miserably in comparison to SSE Setup." - Jonathan Robertson
  • "Your program is the easiest and most clever. Thanks for your support!" - Michael Singh
  • "I really like your SSE Setup program and I am happy that I switched to it from the VB product deployment method. Also, I greatly appreciate your willing and timely support." - Robert Braun
  • "I had been looking for an Installer...and had begun to dispair at finding something that did not require a massive learning curve / detail knowledge of writing scripts before use. Your software just goes to prove that an Installer does not need to be compicated to achieve a successful install. The software falls into the category that I believe indicates an exceptional quality program; there has been obvious thought in setting up the menus so that you follow a logical pattern to use the basic functions and only when you are "pushing" functions do you need to look at Help." - Nick Peek

  • "I just wanted to let you know I used SSE Setup...It worked without a hitch and I have never had any problems whatsoever! I have evaluated several free, powerful installers but as a lone freeware developer I have no time to fool with unnecessary options and 600 page manuals; SSE Setup saved me." - Sean Anderson, Data Virtue

  • "Thank you very much for making an easy-to-use program installer!!! I'm at the Naval Postgraduate School and am wrapping up my thesis research. I created an open-source ship-handling simulator and wanted to avoid using any proprietary installers. The whole goal of the project was to show it could be done with minimal costs to the government. It's amazing to me that after only a half hour of tinkering I was able to create the installer. It's made my application much [more] professional looking. Thanks again!" - Ryan
  • "I've tried out SSE Setup and it looks exactly like the setup program I've been looking for over the last few weeks." - Josh
  • "I want to thank you for offering this program...There are so many high priced applications that create installers, it's insane. As a freeware developer, I really appreciate this software!" - Jon Schraffenberger
  • "Thanks again for SSE Setup. It's helping me provide a better freeware product of my own." - Eric Carden
  • “SSE Setup already was the best solution around, and it is even getting better all the time! The automatic internet updater was the main feature I was looking for. Other updaters were either very expensive or were standalone products not at all linked to a full install/uninstall program. I really appreciate your great product, thanks!“ - André Beuving

  • "I know most of the work programmers do is thankless but I really appreciate all you do for the little business people like me. Thank you for a solution that's easy to use and program." - G. David

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