SSE Setup - free and easy Windows program installer
About the Developer

SSE Setup, Simple Data Backup, and all other software found on this site has been created and principally developed by Chris Long. He holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and has created several software programs in VB6, VB.NET, C#, C/C++, COBOL, and Perl. He also created this website by hand using his very own TextMorph text editor and indeed is even the one writing about himself in the third-person right now! ;) LOL

In addition to this, he ran a daily email ministry for 21 years to help spread encouragement and smiles to many around the world and has written a variety of articles including "Finding Purpose in a Depressing World". His desire is for all to know the same love and hope and peace that he has found in his own life.

All of the software development efforts showcased on this site, including SSE Setup, were never originally started or intended with a motivation of "making money" but rather to give back to the world and be a help to others. While as some of the products matured, financial consideration also entered into the mix, this core philosophy has remained and is why all of the software found on this site is either completely free or has some form of free usage allowed. If you appreciate this and support this philosophy, please consider purchasing an SSE Setup Commercial-Use license (here) or a Simple Data Backup Pro-edition license (here) to show your appreciation in support of these efforts.

To contact, please use the Support page available here.

Thanks and Enjoy the software!

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