SSE Setup

SSE Setup Update Information

This page provides users of previous versions of SSE Setup important information about updating to the latest version, which is:

Version 10.2 (Download It)

Critical update: For users of 8.7 and below
Update recommended?: Yes
Support for existing projects: Yes, all projects saved with 6.x and greater are supported by this version.

Changes Made: See the Change Log

Upgrade Procedure:
If your current version is earlier than 10.x, read the applicable notes below first. When ready to upgrade, click the 'Check for Updates' option in the Launchpad and when it finds the new version, choose to download it. (alternately, you can manually download from the website). Your current installed version will be detected and will be updated to the new version. After install, to update your actual existing projects to fully use the new version, for each project that you want to update, just open it for editing and then save it (and re-create any distributions, etc.).

Notes when Upgrading from 8.x to 10.x
(1) Your 8.x projects are supported, but a few settings in your projects may be changed in order to fit with the 10.x methodology. This primarily affects language and shortcut related settings. It is suggested that before you upgrade to 10.x that you make a backup of all of your projects via the option to do that on the Launchpad Settings window. (2) It is important you read the Version Changes part of the help file for 10.0 after install. (3) Be advised that an existing "Test Program 1.0" project will be overwritten with the default provided one in the 10.x version. 8.x versions might have upgraded the Test Program 1.0 project so that any changes you may have made in it were retained, but starting in 10.0 that no longer occurs and that project will always get reset upon upgrade. (4) If you use 10.x to create any patches intended to patch a program installed with 8.x or earlier, you need to make sure to select to include the real Setup in the patch on the Program Info page when editing your project for correct operation. In general, it is best to use 10.x to patch 10.x programs, and 8.x to patch 8.x programs. (5) Vista/Server 2008 support has been dropped for installing SSE Setup itself in 10.x and now requires Windows 7 or higher to install (you can still create installers that run on Vista or earlier however).

Notes when Upgrading from 7.x to 10.x
(1) You should definitely back up your projects before upgrading from 7.x or earlier (later 7.x versions allow you to do this easily on the Launchpad Settings window). 7.x and earlier are ANSI-based, while 8.x and newer are Unicode-based. Because of this, the format of your project files will be changed upon upgrade. Also, 8.x and greater do not support creating installs for Win9x/ME/NT4, but only for Windows 2000 and greater. (2) There are important considerations as it relates to patch installs - see the Version Changes part of the help file for Version 8.0 after installing. (3) If you previously used publishing, any saved FTP passwords will be removed upon upgrade and will have to be re-entered. (4) If you are currently using 7.x or earlier on Windows 10, some versions of Windows 10 (notably 1709 to 1809) have a bug that prevents the SSE Setup updater in 7.x from being able to install the 10.x update after it downloads it - just download and install the file manually via the link above. Be aware that this issue also affects other installs created in 7.x and earlier - see here.

Downgrade Procedure (from 10.x to 10.x/8.x):
Note: These instructions are only for downgrading from a 10.x version to an earlier 10.x or 8.x version (not earlier than v8.3). Follow these instructions carefully. First, before starting, you should back up your existing Projects folder to a safe location as a precaution. This is ultra-easy to do by clicking the Settings link in the Launchpad. Make note of the Projects folder that shows and then click the "Project Backup / Transfer to ZIP" button. By default it should already be set to back up all of your projects to a ZIP file on your Desktop - just go ahead and have it do that (it may take awhile). Once you've done that, you need to uninstall your existing SSE Setup version BUT - and this is IMPORTANT - during the uninstall, if you are asked to keep remaining files/folders or delete them, you want to KEEP them! Once the uninstall has completed, install the older version. Your projects should still exist and appear (if not, make sure the Projects location as shown in the Settings link in the Launchpad is correct). Then simply open any projects where you want to use the old version and re-save them and re-create your distribution(s) for them. Special note for those going from 10.x to 8.x: Upon downgrade to 8.x from 10.x, some settings may have incorrect values (primarily language and shortcut related settings) that you may need to correct for 8.x. If when you originally upgraded from 8.x to 10.x, you backed up your projects before doing that, you may wish to restore those projects from the backup after the downgrade (you can do this on the Launchpad Settings window).

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