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SSE Setup, as well as the other software available via this site, is generally so Simple, Smart, and Easy that there isn't much need for a support forum. SSE Setup also comes with extensive help documentation that is logically organized, and each screen has pertinent help and for more detailed help, you can press F1 on any screen and detailed context-sensitive help for the page you are on will appear.

Given that, you likely won't need any support at all. But if you still have a problem you can't resolve or a question that's been nagging you, you can contact the developer using the contact form below. After filling in the requested info and typing your message, enter the verification phrase you see and then click the button that says "Send this message!".

A response is not guaranteed, though as long as your message/question/request is reasonable, you will likely get one. It is requested that you first look through the documentation that is provided with the software for your answer before contacting as you will likely find the answer there. Questions that are clearly addressed in documentation or otherwise have an answer readily available by simply using the software are less likely to garner a response. If you are wanting to contact regarding Simple Data Backup, please contact through the Simple Data Backup website instead. By filling out this form, per the privacy policy, you are giving your consent for any comments you provide to possibly be used for testimonial/marketing purposes unless you specifically declare in your message that you want to opt-out of that.

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