SSE Setup

SSE Setup Resources

These are a collection of downloadable files that you may find useful for SSE Setup. There are no warranties expressed or implied for any of these downloads and you download them at your own risk.

SSE Setup Additional Wizard Images

These are additional images that can be used with SSE Setup's Wizards to customize the look and feel of your program's installation. Use them with the Left/Small Image settings on Booster's "Installer Looks" page. These are quality, hand-picked images that are purported to be freeware. They come in a self-extracting EXE file, which will only install if SSE Setup is installed on your computer. It will install the images to the same location where the other wizard images are located (the \_WizardImages subfolder in your SSE Setup Projects folder).

Download Additional Wizard Images (for SSE Setup 10.x)


This ZIP contains a sample manifest file, all the info you need to use it for your programs, and a program to embed the manifest into your program's EXE. This can be useful to mark your programs as "Vista Aware" by specifying a "requestedExecutionLevel" and/or to make your programs XP/Vista theme aware. After downloading, just open the README.txt file to get started.

Download AddAManifest (6K, .ZIP compressed file)