SSE Setup

Download SSE Setup 7.8

SSE Setup Version 7.8 was released in mid-2016 and is the last ANSI version of SSE Setup (it was moved to a Unicode base for 8.x). It generally supports Windows 95 to Windows 10, but Windows 10 support is variable as Windows 10 is constantly evolving. Currently as of this writing, Version 1709 and later of Windows 10 & Server 2016 (Fall Creators Update) have a bug that significantly affects SSE Setup 7.8. WARNING: If you intend to deploy installs to Windows 10, you should not rely on v7.8, but should instead use the latest 8.x release available here. For more information on the 7.x-affecting bug, see here. To download SSE Setup 7.8, click here (your OS must be XP SP2 or greater to install it).

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