SSE Setup

Creating an Access Database Install Using SSE Setup

SSE Setup is an ideal installer to deploy Microsoft Access databases. It is one of the only installers that actually has had significant work done in it to make deploying Access databases a breeze.

SSE Setup's Access-specific benefits:

  • It reduces most of your Access-related deployment concerns to you choosing your minimum required version.
  • It automatically can download/install runtimes and auto chooses best runtime for user. This means your install will be less in filesize too.
  • It automatically detects Access and Office versions, INCLUDING differentiating between 2016/2019, CTR and Store!
  • It automatically handles all trusted location stuff, eliminating most Access security warnings.
  • It automatically handles allowing you to install to Program Files (just like non-Access programs are) and installs there by default just fine.
  • It comes with an easy to follow 10-step Start-To-Finish Access Deployment Guide on creating your Access install with SSE Setup, that even offers guidance on split databases and the like.
  • It gives you settings for a fully working install as soon as you start your project.
  • It allows you to create a fully done Access-deployment install in minutes.

Contrast that with most other installers out there. Most all installers (an exception is the no-longer-developed SageKey) do not have any notable Access-specific deployment stuff in them. While you can make some other installers do many of the above items, it requires you to create your own scripts to do so or try and cobble together scripts from others (which may or may not be accurate or cover all needed scenarios). Why spend such time and effort and try and reinvent the wheel when all that work has already been done for you in SSE Setup?

Want to see just how easy it is to create an Access database install using SSE Setup?

This 20-minute video will walk you completely through the process of creating your install.

Try it for yourself! SSE Setup is completely free for non-commercial use and for commercial usage, you are welcome to download and check it out to ensure it meets your needs before purchasing a Commercial Use license and distributing any installs.

Download SSE Setup